April 6, 2015 - Lexington, KY:

Synchronicity Motion Pictures has completed principal photography on their eagerly-anticipated drama thriller "T H A N A T O P H O B I A."

The film directed and written by Peter Dimako, stars Stu Klitsner, Afton Shepard, Herschel Zahnd, Eric Welch, Nathanael Taylor, Chase Anderson Mike Seely, Katie Stewart and Lilly Stanley.

Set in Lexington in the present day, "T H A N A T O P H O B I A" follows Ernie Cranshaw, a seventy eight-year-old man deeply scarred by a terrible past who lives alone in his humble ranch home. After suffering another horrific nightmare triggered by an event from his childhood, he awakens the next morning and visits a 50s-styled diner. While there, he’s approached by a mysterious stranger who offers him a unique opportunity - a favorite classic theater is showing a week of free classic films before closing its doors for good. Hesitatingly, Ernie heads off through a rainy night to the theater, but what lies inside may just send him to the brink of madness.

The short serves as a prequel to the upcoming feature film "There's Something Wrong At Misty Hills" - targeted for pre-production towards the end of 2015.

​"This film represents the epitome of pre-production and planning. We are proud of what we've accomplished with this incredible cast and crew. We shot this with Panasonic's Varicam35 camera fitted with Fujinon glass and Wooden Camera accessories and are most impressed with the results."

Name: Ernie Cranshaw

Age: 78

Origin: Lexington, Kentucky



Find the rift. Cross the Bridge, Make it back. No matter what the cost.

Two brothers torn out of New York by a rift are stuck in a cruel, parallel dimension. Using new-found strengths, and aided by a human doctor, her father, and colorful alien characters, they must return home, no matter what the cost.

Based on the screenplay by Peter Dimako, the upcoming graphic novel illustrated by Joshua Chinsky of JSC Arts, is a sensational fantasy adventure with stunning graphics.​​

Name: Gabriel Fry

Age: 35

Origin: New York

Trust Level: Unstable



Name: Dante Fry

Age: 40

Origin: New York

Trust Level: Strong


Stu Klitsner

Afton Shepard
Herschel Zahnd
Eric Welch
Nathanael Taylor
Chase Anderson
Mike Seely
Katie Stewart
Lilly Stanley


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